Front End Developer

Company Name:
Open Systems Technologies
As a member of our team focused on User Experience, you will play a key role in the front-end UI design/development of our organizations next generation software GUI application. Utilizing leading-edge web technologies including Responsive Design, Front-end CSS Framework, jQuery and styling of 3rd party front-end UI components, you will help build, test, and create features that connect with our industry leading backup software for a scalable environment.

The ideal candidate should possess a strong understanding of current web technologies and cutting edge client side development with solid experience in at least one CSS framework for Responsive Design. You have a passion for and demonstrated experience in UI design. If you are a person who is excited about being able to design cutting edge products that would be used by people all over the world, this is the job for you.
UI Design and Development
Designing Responsive UI
CSS Framework
Proven ability to imagine, innovate, design and layout simple, functional responsive user interfaces
Experience designing and developing graphical user interfaces for device and/or storage management
Experience designing UI/apps for Android, iOS
B.S./B.A. Degree in related field

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